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New March Exhibit: "Abstracting the Grid" by Anne Marie Kenny & Ree Katrak

March 23 - April 18, 2023

Opening Reception | March 25 , Saturday | 3 - 8 pm

Ree Hall Katrak’s abstract paintings and Anne Marie Kenny’s Industrial Quilts will be on exhibit this March and April in the front gallery at Art Up Front Street Studios & Gallery in Exeter, NH. Inspired by the concept of a Grid, the pieces in the exhibit contrast widely in materials yet they are similar in their modern interpretation of process and aesthetics. Bold color and intriguing materials create contemporary interest in this collaboration by Katrak and Kenny.

Ree’s paintings are distinctive in color and abstract mark making. Her process is influenced by current modern themes and the expressionist movement. "My art is more from the heart than the mind", says Katrak. "It is an expression of thought and feeling." Her process starts out spontaneously.... then progresses in a more considered intentional way. Katrak was born in San Francisco, CA and currently lives in Exeter, NH. Her work has been shown nationally in galleries and is included in numerous private collections.

Anne’s Industrial Quilts are inspired by textile history, the Industrial Revolution, the Amoskeag and Lowell Mills, and the “Mill Girls”. Her quilts emphasize the contrast between machine-made versus hand-made. Kenny commented, "My art parallels progress, modern industry, and invention. These influences inspire new forms of expression and aesthetics for me." Currently, one of Kenny's quilts is on view in the Gee’s Bend Quilt exhibit at the Currier Museum of Art. Her work incorporates salvaged 1980’s and 1990’s cast-off computer parts, electronic parts, and microchips from businesses in NH and the Amoskeag mills, wire-cloth, patina painted on copper, hair, garment paper, sewing needles, and wire hand stitching.

The pieces in this exhibit were a year in the making. Anne’s Industrial Quilts have been exhibited internationally and are included in the permanent collection of the Currier Museum of Art and the Museum of Arts Design in NY City. Her work is in numerous corporate and private collections. Anne was born in Indianapolis, Indiana and currently lives in Exeter, NH.

Meet the artists at the opening reception for the public on March 25, Saturday, 3- 8 pm. Light refreshments and beverages will be served. Families and children are welcome. In addition to the exhibit, you can walk through the 7 artist studios at Art Up Front Street Studios & Gallery.

Contact information: 603-867-3988 Anne Kenny 603-418-6286 Rose Bryant

For further information visit:


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