Rose Bryant | Original Paintings

" A powerful wave of abstract mark making has taken me over.  I love the organic process of large loose movement with a slight dose of a landscape, trees, or sky. I still paint a few surprises, though, that can be interpreted as representational " 

Laura Harper Lake | Artful Harper Studios

Laura Harper Lake is an interdisciplinary artist and designer, who utilizes the human form to communicate various emotions and the human condition. 

Anne Marie Kenny | Industrial Quilts 

" My Industrial Quilts ™ are influenced by the Industrial Revolution, the Mill Girls, and technology. They are conceptual art quilts made with layers of wire cloth and hand stitching with wire. The contrast of machine-made versus hand-made is part of the aesthetic. I incorporate salvaged computer parts and patinated copper as well as other industrial objects in a standardizedrepetitive format alluding to factory made products while at the same time maintaining the intimate, personal, and innovative aspects of quilt making. My art quilts combine traditional and non-traditional quilt making" 

photograph of round portal shape centered on blue sky background

Deb Wheeler Bean| Anahata Studios

" I am a multimedia artist, finding beauty in the cracks and shadows. I find inspiration from the natural world, from poetry I am reading and from the things I find as I walk. Lately making art is sometimes absent in my studio work - so I rearrange my stuff and think. Thinking and organizing are crucial parts to my process. I make art that has an element of intentional ambiguity, humor and challenges to perception "

Ree Hall Katrak

" As an abstract artist, my work is an expression of thoughts and feelings and open to the viewers' interpretations " 

Becky Barsi of Becky Barsi Art

"Explorer, inventor, designer, teacher...I am an interdisciplinary artist who finds joy in taking risks and experimenting with all the world has to offer " 


Natalie Eve Marquis Art

An acrylic and mixed media artist, painter and writer, Natalie Eve Marquis’ work explores the connection we have with animals and nature. She is particularly interested in how the universe and the subconscious speak to us through animals, trees, nature elements, numbers, symbols and synchronicities. You can explore Natalie’s work at and on social media @NatalieEveMarquisArt.

Contemporary Art Gallery

In uptown Exeter in the NH seacoast area


Open to the public.

Our regular hours are

Tuesday - Saturday  11:00 - 5:00 pm

2500 SQ FT of gallery & studio space

Drop by to take a peek inside the studios and see new works in progress.

Photos, collage, paintings, prints, large art, small art, cards, gifts, assemblage, digital illustrations, "industrial quilts", bold color, journals, art for very large walls as well as art for tiny nooks and special gifts.