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Celebrating Five Years as an Artist Collective in Exeter, NH

We love what has come before us and we love what the future can possibly bring.

Our "collective studio thought" kicked into high gear five and a half years ago when a friend (and art fan) told us about The New Heights Teen Center possibly being for sale. A few years prior to this, the idea of collective artist studios had been brewing, especially each time we heard from any artist asking if there was studio space in Exeter.

At the time (2014, 2015, 2016 etc, the pickin's were very slim in town. Exeter Station had a few undeveloped spaces flying under the radar. Really not seeking artists, specifically, but, instead, offering industrial, office, business space. Artists in Exeter also had their own home studios.

Then, it happened. There was a space. The Teen Center. And we jumped in not knowing what it would completely be, but, knowing that so many artists were looking for space where they would also find community.

Thank you to the first artists that believed in the dream: Dale Atkins, Gaby Grossman, Lori Martone, Festive Tree, and Dawn Amey by showing support in the idea. And thank you to the first artists in the door for studio space: Dawn Amey, Gaby Grossman, Deb Wheeler-Bean, then shortly after Artsy Barsi, Industrial Quilts, Artist Explores the World, and Artful Harper Studios.


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