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Did you see art you liked while dining at Street?

We just love the funky bold colors of Street... and, of course, the great food!

 Many thanks to Street Exeter for exhibiting our art.

All of the paintings here are one-of-a-kind originals done by artists who have studio space at Art Up Front Street Studios & Gallery or by one of our guest artists. If you are interested in purchasing a painting from the restaurant, please, contact us by email, phone, or drop by the gallery. Thanks for looking!

striped balloons and lanterns against a blue sky painting

"Lanterns" by Rose Bryant

16x20 acrylic abstract on canvas $395

evergreen landscape painting on canvas

"Evergreens" by Rose Bryant

12x12 acrylic painting on canvas $295


"Flower Garden" by Rose Bryant

30x48 painting on canvas $1125


"Place of Dreams" Ree Katrak

18x24 mixed media on wood $500


"Painting Outside the Grid #2" by Ree Katrak

20x20 abstract painting on canvas $525

red poppies in cottage garden

"Poppies in the Garden" by Rose Bryant

14x14 painting on canvas $295

painting of a restaurant scene from the movies

"What, You Don't Tip?" by Bruce Jones

36x36 acrylic on canvas $2400

two people kayaking on a river

"Squamscott" by Rose Bryant

24x48 painting on canvas $1125


"Strange to Meet You" by Bruce Jones

36x36 acrylic on canvas $4800

snowy landscape against a blue sky painting

"Snow Field" Rose Bryant

24x30 abstract painting on canvas $675

blue flowers in a garden

"Blue Flower" by Rose Bryant

24x36  acrylic painting on canvas $625

fine art on exhibit at local restaurant

"Forever Mine" by Ree Katrak

30x30 abstract on wood panel $625


"Chicken's Name is Colin" Bruce Jones

24x36 acrylic on canvas $1800

New Hampshire marsh at a river with a blue sky

"River's Edge" by Rose Bryant

12x12 acrylic on canvas $265


"Formless" by Ree Katrak

20x24 abstract painting on panel $500


"Painting Outside the Grid #3" Ree Katrak

20x20 abstract painting on canvas $525

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