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Fall Open Studios Nov 5+6 in uptown Exeter!

One of our favorite events each year is fall open studios because we get to show you what we are doing the artists are all here at the same time (sometimes we can go for weeks without running into each other! Crazy right?)

Come in, tour the studios, meet the artists, take a break, meet a friend, refresh your soul and absorb the energy of great local art.

Exeter, New Hampshire has a wonderful growing arts and culture scene. We are thrilled to be a part of it since 2017...and we always look forward to seeing you!

Find fresh art & color for both your heart and your home .... PLUS find a few gifts for the holidays.

Oil paintings, acrylic paintings, landscape, ceramic earrings, photography, prints, large abstracts, “Industrial Quilts”, collage, metal sculpture.

Eight studios packed with creativity, a front deck for hanging out, free parking all the time, back "patio tent" for sharing a moment with friends.

Light bites, libations, a few specials Plus Ukulele Favorites by Nic Orovich Saturday afternoon and Fiske & Fell duo, clarinet & recorder, midday Sunday…so nice.


Joshua Peterman

Charcoal drawings, painting, illustration,

Anne Marie Kenny

Industrial Quilts, wire assemblage

Shannon Hays

Design, collage, whimsy

Jessica Furtado

Photography, collage, functional art

Natalie Eve Marquis

Paintings, spirit animals, florals,

Ree Katrak

Mixed media, large abstract paintings

Amy Tilton

Oil paintings, florals, still life, ceramic earrings

Rose Bryant

Original paintings, abstract landscape

Guest artists work:

Jeff Whittum Metal Sculpture

Dale Atkins Ceramic Vessels Instagram 603-418-6286


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